DNS can be tricky, in this article we hope to simplify things so that you can change your own DNS to get your website up and running on our platform.

If you want we can set up your DNS free of charge as part of our migration service. Please contact support so we can help you further.

DNS stands for Domain Name System and translates domain names to IP addresses. In our case it will translate your domain name into a IP address of our platform.

After you created your WordPress environment in our control panel and you added your domains and redirects in the Domains section then it's time to set up your DNS. In most cases the DNS is done by the domain registrar or through a third party like CloudFlare, Amazon or Sucuri. If you don't know where your DNS is hosted then please contact us so we can look into it.

In the Domains section in our control panel you can find an example of how your DNS should look like. The type of records we are dealing with today are A, AAAA and CNAME. All the other records we keep intact because they are probably for email and other things.

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