Our platform has an automatic backup feature to help ensure that your data is kept safe. These daily backups can be accessed by visiting the BladeWP control panel, navigating to the Overview page for your environment, and then clicking on Backups from the left-hand navigation. These backups contain your environment’s database and all theme, plugin, uploads, and core files.

Create a backup manually

If you wish to create a backup you can go to the Backups section in your environment. Then under Create backup fill in a name for the backup (for example: before plugins update) and click on Create backup. Your backup will now be made. Depending on the size of your WordPress environment this will take some time (30 seconds up to 30 minutes).

Restoring a backup

When restoring a backup you have the choise between restoring for production, development or both. Restoring is possible on automatic backups and manually created backups. After clicking on restore it will take some time to restore. While restoring your website will be unavailable.

Downloading backups

For now downloading backups is only possible by contacting support. In the future this option will be added again.

Deleting backups

Backups are deleted automatically, each environment has a backup limit. When this limit is reached then the oldest backup will be deleted.

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