Migrating a site can be a decidedly difficult process. We will gladly take over for you so that you can focus on your core business; we will take the worries of migrating out of your hands. At BladeWP, we migrate all sites manually without the use of automatized tools. This allows us to maintain a grip on the process and to easily be able to find and solve mistakes before they lead to problems.

If you would rather migrate your site yourself, click [here] for instructions on how to do so.

As we do not do domain registrations or email hosting at BladeWP, it’s all simpler than you may think. We adjust a few DNS records which indicate the server where the site is located. During this process we leave the records which refer to your email or subdomains intact so that they remain functional.

On top of this, we of course need the site itself. In order to migrate it, an FTP, SFTP, or SSH login is needed to move the files themselves. We also need the database, the details of which are already in the WordPress configuration, so we can take care of that ourselves.

If you don’t have an FTP, SFTP or SSH login, a login for a control panel will work as well. We can often find the necessary data within the control panel itself.

On top of these details, we would also like to know when you would ideally like your site to be migrated. In practically every case, the migration will take place without downtime (this also depends on other parties such as your old hoster) but we can not guaranteee that your site will not be offline for a couple of minutes. This may mean that you choose for a nighttime migrations.

We advise planning the migration at the beginning of the week rather than close to the weekend, this way we will be able to help you more quickly if something goes wrong.

It goes without saying that we will act with the utmost care when handling your login details and will delete the information as soon as the migration is completed.

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